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Coca Cola Wall Mount Bottle Opener

"Made especially for Coca-Cola, these are the identical Starr brand bottle openers made by the Brown Manufacturing Company since 1925. Call it nostalgia, call it retro but call it a great fun way to pop the top of an ice cold bottle of Coca-Cola!"


At 11:34 PM, September 16, 2006, Blogger Dana

It's rare that I actually find glass bottle Coke's anymore, but I'd love to! Cokes (all sodas) taste better in glass bottles, don't they?


At 1:53 AM, September 19, 2006, Blogger Feroz

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At 8:44 PM, September 19, 2006, Blogger ashraf

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At 10:31 PM, October 12, 2006, Anonymous FaiQah

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At 12:16 PM, December 25, 2006, Blogger The Bizarre Jokester (WOW!)

Merry Christmas! May this day bring you lots of joy and happiness!


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