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Coca Cola Script Trademark/Logo

Early script variation with diamonds.

Unusual typestyle used on a number of calenders.

Early script with the line extending from first "O" "Trademark" in tail; also no trademark in tail.

Crude script with "Trade-mark" in tail, under the tail or no trademark with "Trade Mark Registered" in tail 1901-1903

Custom script with "Trade-Mark" in tail; note open "O's", and unusual tails on "C's"

Misused script "Trade-Mark Registered" in tail; used on some 1903 calenders.

Traditional script "Trade-Mark Registered" in tail.

Traditional script "Trade-mark Reg. U.S Pat. Off." in tail

Traditional script "Reg. U.S. Pat. Off." under script.

Traditional script "Trade Mark (R)" under script.

"Arciform" logo also called "Fishtail" logo by collectors.

"Dynamic Ribbon" also called "Wave" logo; actually introduced in late 1969



At 11:47 AM, April 30, 2006, Anonymous Don

Coca Cola sure has been around for a long time. I have noticed that their logo has become more smooth over time, but the basics have not changed over time.

Coca Cola has beome such a part of life in virtually every culture. I heard that somewhere in Mexico on the day of the dead, carrying a bottle of coca cola is a part of the ritual. A commercial product has worked its way into a foreign culture's most sacred day.


At 9:51 AM, July 31, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous

I've always loved the irony of the Pepsi archeology dig commercial where the kids hold up a Coke bottle, ask the prof what it is and he says, mystified "I don't know." Of course, everyone in the audience got the joke because everyone CAN identify a coke bottle!


At 9:01 PM, August 04, 2009, Blogger tjt

I love the site- and your attention to detail. I had no idea there was such a world of fascination in this single product. (I hope you won't mind me noting that you made a small grammatical error: the plural of site is sites. To the right, you write "other great site's")


At 11:22 PM, August 04, 2009, Blogger street81

Thank you for your comment.


At 4:34 AM, January 28, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous

I'm doing Coca Cola as my topic for school and this site has been very useful to me. Ta. :):P :D

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