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Coca-Cola Brand Puzz 3D Puzzles

I have just completed piecing together a set of five 3D puzzles from Coca Cola.

"For generations, Coca Cola has been associated with special times and places and the simple pleasures of everyday life. That's the magic of Coca-Cola, a rich heritage whicn continues to facinate and delight people from all over the world.

This magic lives in Coca Cola collectibles - trays, urns, vintage bottles, mirrors and countless other items,l such as the Coke collectibles Series produced for The Coca Cola Company under license by Wrebbit. This series beautifully illustrates and tells the sory of Coca Cola. These unique puzzles will interest all who love Coca Cola, but they will be especially sought after by true collectors of Coca Cola memorabilia.

It lives, too, all around us an inextricable element of culture, in the moves, the colourful signs and the work of famous artists who have used Coca Cola in their artwork because it is such a universally recognized symbol of good things.

Visit The Coca Cola Company's website (www.cocacola.com) and the Heritage Experience for a glimpse into the history of this consumer icon, which offers a more in-depth look at the cultural phenomenon surrounding Coca Cola as well as it's past, present, and future."



At 1:32 AM, February 28, 2006, Blogger Q

Wow that really is some dedication to the Coca Cola!

Anyway, back in the Cold War, Coca Cola was a symbol of capitalism, which is partially shown in a movie "Goodbye Lenin", where the Eastern Germany start to get influenced by the Western products; Coca was one of them.

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