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One of my fave : The Coca-Cola Collector's Edition Monopoly Game! The Monopoly Game and The Coca-Cola Company have served up a refreshing twist on the world's favorite board game!

  • The game is the same, though you will notice the board showcases a variety of Coca Cola Collectibles. These historical collectibles are grouped by decade, starting from the 1990's and travelling back through time to the 1890's.
  • The traditional railroads have been replaced by Coca Cola Bottles from the early years.
  • The traditional Chance Cards have been replaced by Coca Cola Polar Bear Cards
  • The original Community Chest Cards have been replaced by the Cola Cola Santa Cards.
  • There are 8 pewter tokens - Contour Bottle, Fountain Dispenser, Genuine Glass, Bottle Cap, Delivery Truck, original Hutchinson bottle, Polar Bear with Coke and Santa with Coke.
  • You can build your own empire with six-packs and vending machines instead of traditional houses and hotels.

All of us knows that Monopoly is fun and exciting. BUT will you play using this Collector's Item? Not for me. I want to keep them in excellent condition and admire it from time to time.

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