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Diving Into Refreshment with Coca Cola

Guess where were these photos taken? Yes, it's HK Ocean
Park. You can't imagine the excitement I had when I saw a sign pointing "Coca Cola Fanstasy". I did not expect tofind a place like that cos I just wanted to spent my time taking pictures and play some games. I searched for the shop and finally found it after 15 mins.

It's South East Asia's first Coca Cola Concept Zone. There is a great variety of Coke stuff inthere, i.e merchandise and collectibles. A "Cool Zone" is available for you to chill out after a hot day. You can order a classic coke or one of the many Coke Float. There is a huge eight foottall Coca Cola Bear to take pictures with. Hehe, I took quite a lot with it. Spent about 2 hoursthere, unwilling to leave. Haven't been there for 2 years. Myabe this December, if I decide tovisit HK, I will DIVE INTO REFRESHMENT WITH COLA COLA!
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