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Collectible Die-Cast Musical Bank

This is Coke Die Cast Musical Bank Series table top juke box styled after The Seeburg Wall-O-matic 100. When you deposit a coin through the coin slot, the coin dropping sound will be heard. Then you will be able to listen to the sound of a record being placed on he turntable. Press the selection buttons to play "It's The Real Thing," and "I'd Like To Buy The World A Coke." Flip the song sheet lever to view chronological listings of historical Coca-Cola recordings!

The chronology of coke tunes shown here are :

"1907 - We Found That He's Been Drinking Coca-Cola"
"1918 - Coca-Cola Blues"
"1927 - The Coca-Cola Girl"
"1936 - Sweet Coca Cola Bush"
"1948 - The Coca-Cola Polka"
"1958 - 50 Million Times a Day"
"1959 - King Size Coke Has More For You"
"1962 - Take Two, Refreshing New Feeling"
"1963 - Things Go Better"
"1969 - It's The Real Thing"
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