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"Coca-Cola" In Cans

The photo on this card features a 1960 version of the first flat-top alumunium cans for "Coca-Cola". These cans were used in a test-market for the product which was conducted in Providence, Rhode Island and Brockton, Massachusetts beginning in Sept. 1959. The product has originally been made available in cans for the military in 1955.

Catch the Wave. Coke.

This advertisment for "Coke" was used in national magazines in 1986. The Coca-Cola Company announced the formation of a new publicly held independent "Coca-Cola" bottling company composed of U.S bottling operations owned by The Company, plus those gained through acquistions. The resulting company was named Coca-Cola Enterprises Inc.

Monumental Taste

This card shows an advertisment for "diet Coke" that appeared in national magazines in 1986. Intriduced ub 1982, "diet-Coke" was the first extension of the "Coca-Cola" and "Coke" trademarks and quickly became the best selling low calorie soft drink in the world.
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