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Coca Cola Collectors' Cards

Shown here are just 3 of the many coke collector's cards I have.

1910 - Early Tub Cooler
The tub cooler shown on this card is representative of the period 1900-1920. A tub like this one, filled with ice and bottles of "Coca-Cola", could be found at picnics, sporting events, the workplace and almost everywhere a "Delicious and Refreshing" drink could be enjoyed.

1915 - The Contour Bottle
By 1915, imitations of the "Coca-Cola" bottle and label has become a serious probelm. There were a number of competitive products in similar looking bottles with similar names. The new contour bottle, which was developed by The Root Glass Company, assured customers that they were getting the genuine "Coca-Cola".

1924 - Magazine Advertising
The advertisment is from a 1924 edition of The Ladies Home Journal. In bottles and at soda fountains, "Coca-Cola" not only satisfied thirst, but was also identified with all kinds of pleasant occasions.


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